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Keepsake box double motif in lid

Keepsake box full divided tray corner inlay in lid

Jewellery box with diamond motif

Jewellery box drawers and trays

About Prenntek Designs

Cabinet maker and fine woodcraft designer

We live in the far west peninsular of Cornwall, UK, virtually surrounded by the sea with many miles of rugged coastline. It’s like living on an island. Just 28 miles off Land's End is a group of islands called the Isles of Scilly.

Our name 'Prenntek' is Cornish for beautiful wood.

A fully qualified cabinet maker since 1982, with City and Guilds 555 furniture craft certificates.

I started work in the late 1970’s as an apprentice in a small firm of cabinetmakers. We made quality period furniture, using traditional cabinet making skills, like hand cut dovetail joints. We made furniture for Harrods and other exclusive shops, as well as for celebrities and members of royal families, both in the UK and abroad.

We hope you enjoy our crafts and look forward to designing more and more in the future.


Two examples of our jewellery boxes
Two examples of our jewellery boxes

Two examples of our jewellery boxes with lids up
Two examples of our jewellery boxes